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Possibly belongs to: VIRGIN MEDIA
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    Average rating received: 4/10
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    National800 18 36 40 8

    International+34 800 18 36 40 8


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  • morfeo (02/04/2020 16:37 pm)

    Virgin mobile
    Call at least twice a day
    I have explained that I have already upgraded my plan online
    But the called again about an hour later and twice again today
    I have now blocked the number
    If they start calling from another number the I will cancel my contract with them
  • zac_juegosx3 (01/04/2020 14:46 pm)

    3 calls today from "virgin media" trying to sell me stuff I don't want! Could hardly understand the caller. Rang mobile not virgin landline! A bit suspect doing that. Blocked it after the third call.
  • valdo (01/03/2020 09:17 am)

    Repeated cold calls from this number. 2- 3 times per day but No messages left
  • adrian (19/02/2020 00:46 am)

    Said they were from Virgin - but soon got annoyed when I asked them to prove it (i.e. i asked them to confirm the last amount I paid them lol). Then they hung up. SCAMMER! Just like the rest of these scammers, they can use any number to appear as their own. Wish their own country (India) would round them all up and jail them. Such a waste of my time and brain cells to deal with these scum.
  • Niko2496 (16/02/2020 06:44 am)

    Called claiming to be virgin media attempting to upgrade our broadband and mobile services by selling a wireless booster...
    After saying no for times in a row, tried selling me sim cards...
  • mariangel mosquera (10/02/2020 23:53 pm)

    I was suspicious about this caller from the minute I answered the call. I only answered because I've been getting calls from similar numbers quite frequently but never answered. This lady had a heavy Asian accent and spoke poor English. She didn't understand my responses to her questions but moved to the next question regardless. She was unprofessional. The thing that alerted me the most was when she was trying to sell me an upgrade package... She was telling me about this super maxed out package where I would receive the best of everything (unlimited land-line, unlimited everything sim card, all TV channels and 500mb broadband. After explaining the package to me she said "Sounds good, right?" to which I replied "Yeah, very good" And she then said "OK, I let me just process this package for you" I then knew that this wasn't right and returned with "Hold on! You haven't even told me the cost, and I don't remember telling you Yes or No to the package! So why are you processing it? She then said..." Yes, I will get you a price for this package now"
    At that point the phone stayed silent for several minutes so I hung up. That's when I googled the number and it brought me here.
    It also became clear that the next question she would've asked would've been to verify my personal information but I think she realised I was on to her. BEWARE people! Never give them your personal info before they've verified to you who they are.
  • arianita67 (08/02/2020 18:48 pm)

    tried selling me "extra good sim card", claiming to be from VM, didnt go through the tpical VM log in [you now enter various digits of passcode with keypad, NOT by voice], poor english, noisy line, they have phoned three times in the last two days from the same numer, I have now blocked their call.
  • cincopuntoh (28/01/2020 11:51 am)

    Had 5 calls today from this number. Next call I get I will tell them not only do I not want anything more from virgin, I will be cancelling my subscriptions for their continued harassment.
  • girl_17 (04/01/2020 20:16 pm)

    Claimed to be from virgin but when I mentioned I was checking the number they quickly hung up.

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