Phone number: 18884330135

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Possibly belongs to: USA GREEN CARD LOTTERY
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    Ratings received for the number: 10
    Average rating received: 3/10
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 18884330135

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    National188 84 33 01 35

    International+34 188 84 33 01 35


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  • angeloch (14/03/2020 17:53 pm)

    Andrew Roberts Senior Agent called to me speak with me 30 mint he said that I am able to apply for Green Card Lottery and my Husband Also but i need pay $389 and i need pay NOW when I said that I need discussed with husband this he said but why? What will be when you will pay and when you will say to your husband you did? I said no as with respect to my husband I need just ask him if still he is agreed. He said but already we speak 30 mint and you just need pay then you still will have your electricity at home your food etc. etc and I have red light when he said this. I told him that I feel pressure from his site and not comfort asked him if he do understand what I am sing? He was a ok bye but i do not understand your decision and I hang up.
  • mermaid39 (03/03/2020 20:33 pm)

    I receive a call of this company to pay for a Greencard Lotery, don't give them nothing, I didn't found this company in Miami, Florida.
    It seems they are playing with your money.
    Go to an Official Gov Website.
  • bryan.bega (03/03/2020 12:26 pm)

    they took my money, they asked for my passport, pictures and important information. they said i won the usa visa lottery. i got scammed.
  • jano_jano (22/02/2020 17:33 pm)

    They called and tried to make us pay a big amount and didn’t want to give up. Asked weird questions like why should I wait for my husband to pay. Called me from +27 87 635 0259. Searched the number and every info they gave me. It wasn’t available
  • flordeliz (31/01/2020 16:58 pm)

    I received their called too, I asked if I can made the payment in few hours later, but they trying to make u made payment urgently that like this is the last chance. Apparently, They do not want to give you any time to think if they are phishing or they are con-man.
  • nanofa (25/12/2019 13:55 pm)

    Ci sono caduta come una pera cotta. Attenzione!!!!! Non è altro che la partecipazione ad una Lotteria x poter vincere una green card in America. Non date MAI il vs nr di carta di credito!!!
  • duende_rojo05 (19/12/2019 19:48 pm)

    Said they were some company from Miami Florida and they will reserve a seat for me in the application for green card. Actually they called me on another number +17866756520 and gave me this as a customer support reach. They kept pushing me to give my card details for the activation of my account and such. Please don't get tricked.

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