Phone number: 08007590420

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Possibly belongs to: SKY
  • Times searched for the number: 335
    Ratings received for the number: 30
    Average rating received: 5/10
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 08007590420

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National080 07 59 04 20

    International+34 080 07 59 04 20


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  • cubanitoyuni (17/03/2020 16:11 pm)

    Abdul called pretending to be from Sky tried to get my password do not trust this number
  • solcibito (17/03/2020 12:48 pm)

    Ok this number called me 5 minutes ago they didn't answer straight away but then a "lady" came on and said was it okay to speak I said "yes" as my sky is scheduled to end in a short while she read out the blurb about recording calls then said "are you the main account holder" I said "yes" "can you confirm your name and full address" . I said "you just rang me on my mobile phone you should know that", she said "does it end with Ohd" I said "yes" and said the first part of it I then said "I am very wary of someone ringing me and asking me to confirm who I am when they should know my details if they are who they say they are". with that the line went dead.
  • ayelem (13/03/2020 06:23 am)

    Sky doing routine calls.
    Eg “are you happy with your package”.
    The reason they are often abrupt or hang up if you question them is that they run on a quota of calls completed so the individual doesn’t need to care about politeness, just “ticking boxes”.
    Don’t worry it’s legitimate.
  • gomez (07/03/2020 08:01 am)

    This is the main number Sky UK contact centres use for all their outbound calls. Whether it be calling back customers to discuss existing issues or reaching out to potential new customers - this number is safe. If you are expecting a call from Sky then it is fine to answer, the number is official.
  • mantron (19/02/2020 18:19 pm)

    Keeps calling me I'm not even a customer, complaint sent to ofcom
  • Miguel0918 (18/02/2020 11:05 am)

    Sky are a pain the arse. I have exactly what I want from the company and don’t need constantly called at work to tell me I need more than I want. I wish all of my callers cancer.
  • 1023 (14/02/2020 11:02 am)

    Sky calling to ask me about re-contracting, did so and saved myself £40 a month! Get in!
  • jhona2828 (23/01/2020 05:00 am)

    I didn’t answer so they left me a voicemail. It was a call from Sky responding to an enquiry I had made to them via email a few days before. They said since I had missed their call they would reply to my email instead, which they did about 10 minutes after they left the voicemail.
  • fatima (22/01/2020 10:16 am)

    Number said it was sky, I have neither a sky customer or shared my details to show interest in one.
  • ALAN BERNADO (04/01/2020 21:19 pm)

    Lady called allegedly from Sky asking to discuss my TV package broadband, when I asked her to call me back on the landline she said she couldn’t, Advised her that I would not give out details over the phone line went dead

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