Phone number: 08001836403

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Possibly belongs to: VIRGIN MEDIA (?)
  • Times searched for the number: 377
    Ratings received for the number: 31
    Average rating received: 4/10
    Comments the number has received: 8
  • Ways of dialing the number: 08001836403

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National080 01 83 64 03

    International+34 080 01 83 64 03


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User Comments
  • Zazuke (21/03/2020 02:13 am)

    Call blocker indicates Telemarketer. Has called several times this week from morning to evening times.
  • joaquin y javier (17/03/2020 10:45 am)

    Unsure as to whether this is genuine or not, I got fed up with receiving these calls claiming to be from Virgin and so I raised a complaint, as I am opted out of telemarketing and I wanted them to confirm it was them. Eventually I had a call from a Virgin Media customer services agent who told me that this number IS a SCAM and I should ignore these calls.
  • (15/03/2020 00:08 am)

    Spam from Virgin - pesky calls 10 so far this week. Ruins their reputation.
  • ALBERTO (13/03/2020 05:12 am)

    Claims to call from Virgin Media but wants "your username and password to verify they are talking with the account holder". Watch out - this number is a Virgin Media number but the caller ID is probably spoofed. I have got calls consistently the past to weeks. Scam
  • VICTOT (12/02/2020 21:39 pm)

    Said they were Virgin Media, started asked me for information, told them I wasn't interested in anything and don't give information to cold callers, might be genuine, might not be, we still get cold calls from Sky, to insure the box we haven't had for 10 years and never insured anyway, very suspicious of these people, I just put the phone down, shame these companies have allowed such calls, it probably costs them business and ruins their reputation, I no longer care if they are genuine or fake, they all get the same response, if I want anything, I'll call them
  • lala123 (22/01/2020 02:11 am)

    Virgin Scam/harassment call
    I am an existing Virgin customer for Internet, TV and land line.
    Have had 2 calls on my land line each day from this number for the last 3 days.
    Their methods vary ..
    If you answer, sometimes they hang up straight away without speaking.
    If you don't pickup and let the call go to answering machine, they stay on the line for 5 seconds then hang up without speaking.
    They spoke to me on 2 occasions, gave me a 5 minute robotic script in broken English on how much money they could save me on my existing bill.
    At the end of the "look at how much money we can save you" speech, I ask how much cheaper my monthly bill will be, they tell me it will increase as I will be getting more TV channels.

    Unbelievable ..
    I was thinking of removing the land line from my existing package as I never use it - this has confirmed that I need to remove Virgin Media and change provider instead.
  • SPIDERGER (20/01/2020 06:04 am)

    Constantly called by this number. Sometimes silent sometimes hang ups. Claim to be virgin media and ask for account information. Confirmed this is a genuine marketing call in spite of opting out on the day I signed up for fibre.
  • auld27 (13/01/2020 22:43 pm)

    Called on the pretext of being Virgin Media to discuss my account.
    Have me spurious figures which were incorrect.
    This is a scam. Phone number blocked.

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