Phone number: 08000232635

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Possibly belongs to: DWP (DEPT FOR WORK & PENSIONS
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 08000232635

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    National080 00 23 26 35

    International+34 080 00 23 26 35


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  • skancitoxx (08/03/2020 14:30 pm)

    Call was from dept for work and pensions. Knew call.was coming had letter prior.
  • ana amelia (01/03/2020 04:47 am)

    I received three calls from the number 08000232635 last week but unfortunately they were all stopped before I could answer them.One in particular ended after one ring. I believe they are saying they rang and can prove it but does it record the length of the tones?? I doubt it!
  • en7aevovingdizden (11/02/2020 10:25 am)

    The amount of stupid comments here saying its spam or harassment is unbelievable. The number is from DWP.
  • javiermonroy_1997 (06/02/2020 21:52 pm)

    Answered the call and it was a civil servant helping me with my benefit payments. Perhaps others would rather not hear from the DWP(!) but if you're expecting a call as I was then it's probably best to accept it.
  • moisesddb0127 (06/02/2020 20:49 pm)

    A call back from the dwp after I was dis-connected during a call to them. the woman was polite, patient and helped me with my query.
  • typeKeync (21/01/2020 18:34 pm)

    Its not dwp number. I phoned the dwp on Friday morning the 20th dec. If its dwp, thay would send a letter out. Thats what the dwp told me. & she said there was no letters to be sent to me at all. Or and phone calls.
  • FAVIO (17/01/2020 20:19 pm)

    got a call from this number today, lady wanted to know my insurance number, which I said I will not give as I do not know who she is. I do not claim any benefits and work full time. Not sure why would they call me.
  • val (16/01/2020 22:06 pm)

    Call back that was requested.
  • vicky25 (05/01/2020 14:18 pm)

    Supposedly DWP. Rang all for 2 seconds never gave me chance to answer. be careful because there are a lot of scams out there at the moment regarding Universal Credit
  • jose angel gomez (27/12/2019 18:49 pm)

    Just got a called from 08000232635 and the person didn't speak. I could hear them on the other end breathing down the phone and didn't reply back to me. Since learned it was the DWP but why would they call me and not speak? Odd!

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