Phone number: 08000083011

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Possibly belongs to: THE AA
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 08000083011

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    National080 00 08 30 11

    International+34 080 00 08 30 11


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  • superagente86 (30/12/2019 19:51 pm)

    08000083011 - kept calling me for the last hour. They say they are the AA and are calling for renewal. I have already renewed so I do not believe this is the AA. They keep calling me continuously - this is harassment.
  • josegs (17/12/2019 15:26 pm)

    This is a post to confirm that it is The AA calling. We take the OfCom regulations very seriously, and operate within their guidelines. Customers have the opportunity to dial a freephone 0800 number if they wish to speak with a member of staff. The AA is committed to improving its services to its members and may call you following a vehicle breakdown, about your renewal or to keep you informed about the other products and services offered by the AA. However, if you do not wish to receive further calls from us, please dial the 0800 number back and follow the instructions and we will ensure that you are not called.

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