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Possibly belongs to: CLAIMLINE
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    National079 37 92 10 92

    International+34 079 37 92 10 92


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  • ana (27/03/2020 02:57 am)

    4th call today from this number. Answered to speak to a foreign gentleman asking about my accident. I gave the requisite false information and asked where the office was, and was given the postcode M44 6RT. I reciprocated with my name (Heywood Jablomi) and details of my 'accident'.
    He said he will refer to his supervisor and call back if I'm entitled to compensation, and dropped the line quickly.
    He had a very thick accent and a poor command of the English language, asking where the 'book' 'hitted' me.
    I hope I didn't waste too much of his time :-)
  • labestia (19/03/2020 17:06 pm)

    This guy has phoned me up multiple times before. There's a long pause so you know you are being redirected to another country which usually means cheap calling by some arsehole company. They keep asking me about an accident I never had to claim compensation. Have now blocked them.
  • MAESTRO750 (04/03/2020 16:09 pm)

    constant calling
  • carlos nolasco (25/02/2020 04:09 am)

    Claims company rang twice today told to****off
  • coke234 (22/02/2020 11:38 am)

    Whatever you do if you miss a call don't call this number back it charges you 55p each time!
  • omar ndongo (19/02/2020 12:19 pm)

    Accident helpline?
    Wanted details of my accident & personal injuries for a law firm who would make a claim on no win no fee basis. Wouldn't divulge law firm!!! I wonder why? I'm fed up with these nuisance calls and whoever sold them my contact number when I always request not to have my details divulged.
  • sinsentido (05/02/2020 11:37 am)

    An absolute bloody annoyance, asked them a number of times to remove my number yet they keep calling again and again
  • Nivram (28/01/2020 16:03 pm)

    Another 3 calls from this number. Strung him along, he said he was based in call centre in India, different to Manchester that he told me yesterday.
    Also gave different company name.
  • amsyargaga (12/01/2020 05:30 am)

    I have a great simple idea on how to stop these people calling...
    1) Buy a personal alarm
    2) when these people call, put the alarm next to the mic of your mobile (for maximum effect)
    3) quick 10 seconds blast on the alarm

    The caller will definitely get a shock of your life and maybe a broken eardrum (YES!!) - they will be off work for few days, 1 less person working in these horrible call centres - less people they can scam!!

    If everyone do the above, people will think twice about random calls and scamming the public!!

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