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    National034 57 88 84 44

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  • luysmy6 (24/03/2020 22:00 pm)

    Man called from this number to allegedly sort out a fraudulent earlier call from Sky, but on checking with NatWest we learnt that this number is an incoming number only, so if you receive a call from 03457888444 you know that it is a scam. They tried to get us to move our money into an account of their choosing to safeguard against the alleged Sky fraud - so it was a double whammy and they knew most of our banking details.
  • gitana (20/03/2020 23:02 pm)

    I agree with monty57 Natwest do usually text or at least leave a message however its worrying because the first thing i did was go straight to online banking and log in if these scammers have my number do they have my bank details or are just waiting for me to log on
  • abyy (23/02/2020 14:23 pm)

    I was rung from this number by “NatWest” to say my bank card had been used fraudulently in Coventry. They said they would stop the card and I could only get cash with a get cash code which they would issue me if I would just press the button to ask for the code on my app. They wanted me to ask for the maximum, 130 pounds. In the nick of time I thought what if they were phishing? And about to take that money themselves? And called NatWest. Yes they were phishing. ....
  • benja12345 (21/02/2020 01:10 am)

    03457888444 called at just before 1 pm on 16th April, claiming to be from Natwest and saying that, as we had previously reported a fraud, they were wanting to validate some debits which were being requested to ensure we had made them. It sounded very authentic. I opened my app while on the phone to check what the account looked like and it was fine so told them there appeared nothing out of the ordinary …. although that was irrelevant as they had said they were holding the debits to validate them. In order to do that they needed to go through security to check I was the account holder. I was already suspicious. They seemed to know my name. When I queried who was actually calling me the person said I could check the number on my screen and compare with number on the back of my card. As I didn't have on my glasses and didn't have my card to hand I said I couldn't do that. They asked me for my date of birth and I refused and said I would ring the bank separately. Before ringing off they reminded me that there would be fairly long wait due to many enquiries during the lockdown. I hung up and checked 1471 for the number. Then I found the security dept. number for Natwest online and phoned that. It was a different number and the bank confirmed that no-one had phoned me from there. When I later checked my debit card I found the number was not the one I am reporting here which is the one which phoned me. Happily I didn't give them any information but I was a very unsettled by it.
  • paula 852 (20/02/2020 02:30 am)

    financial scam - ignore calls at all cost
    once you pick up they keep calling
  • luli yoyo (08/02/2020 21:23 pm)

    This number is a Natwest bank number which is spoofed by scammers to try and get bank info off of you.
  • ZOEYXMEN (05/02/2020 22:29 pm)

    They rang me on on afternoon last week claiming to be NatWest fraud department. Which I did reported a fraud with an phishing email the day before. they had a fair amount of my details and told me to check their number with NatWest customer helpline number. It was exactly the same. They got me in the end!!!! Please don't trust them everyone.
  • andrea vega meléndez (07/01/2020 13:32 pm)

    This is genuine Natwest number (its on the back of your debit card)but it is also being used by used by caller ID scammers who can make there number appear as this one on your phone.

    Do not answer, if it is Natwest they will leave a message. Then call back by dialling the number, DON'T use the call back option on your phone. Ideally use a different phone.

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