Phone number: 03448260202

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Possibly belongs to: O2
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 03448260202

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    National034 48 26 02 02

    International+34 034 48 26 02 02


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  • martuli (17/03/2020 17:44 pm)

    These are harassment calls why call you are they wanting too harass you
  • orix!! (27/02/2020 01:13 am)

    Pretend they are O2 but aren't.
  • armas kado kado (25/02/2020 06:33 am)

    If you check the O2 forums, this is an official number for O2 upgrades. I didn't answer the call until doing a bit searching to confirm who was calling. As you can guess I am due an upgrade and they would like to tie me in for another 24 months
  • GARRO (07/02/2020 06:51 am)

    O2 calling about upgrades - problem is that if you call them back this is a Premium Rate number and you end up paying them even more. Dirty sales tactic!
  • bebe52 (18/01/2020 22:38 pm)

    I have O2 but they continually call about upgrades and services despite being told I am not interested. Definitely the worst part of their service and so annoying I am probably going to switch.
  • anstar (16/01/2020 08:49 am)

    A recorded message saying "This is a courtesy call from O2, if you have an questions about your account please call us back on 202 from your mobile"
  • elluz777 (11/01/2020 14:57 pm)

  • klastenta (06/01/2020 12:28 pm)

    this is an official o2 Upgrade call centre.
  • kei (04/01/2020 03:36 am)

    These calls from O upgrade 03448260202 is not 02 Upgrade and you should be very wary. Dont get into conversation with the dont answer there questions dont confirm your details and dont give you bank details or card details. Phone 02 on 202 from your mobile if unsure.
  • anthony batista (23/12/2019 18:34 pm)

    6 calls since choosing to upgrade my phone. all silent at other end before hanging up

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