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Possibly belongs to: BRITISH GAS COLD CALL
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    National033 32 02 94 70

    International+34 033 32 02 94 70


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  • paulina (26/03/2020 21:53 pm)

    Tried to make smart meter appointment, did not know any details of my account as BG had already visited and could not fit a smart meter.
  • jonas javier jjta (21/02/2020 07:11 am)

    wanted to book me in for a smart meter and got angry when I said no....
  • JAS (26/01/2020 19:11 pm)

    1pm 20/1/20 - Claiming to be from British Gas - our gas meter needed replacing. Could hear it was a busy call centre. Very strong Indian accent and hard to understand. Told to put it in writing to us and hung up, blocking the number.
  • j.l.c.b (17/01/2020 04:18 am)

    british gas trying to sell smart meter
  • xdarkspiritx (25/12/2019 06:58 am)

    Cold call from British Gas.
    Totally ignored the "no phone calls" on my account.
    Following service by engineer (Boiler passed with fling colours), British Gas trying to sell me a new boiler as mine is getting a bit old.
    Telemarketer told in no uncertain terms that I don't want a new boiler and definitely don't want to receive such a call on the Saturday before Christmas.

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