Phone number: 03300945231

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Possibly belongs to: SHEL ENERGY
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 03300945231

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    National033 00 94 52 31

    International+34 033 00 94 52 31


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  • golondrina (14/03/2020 08:18 am)

    It's not a scam it's the shell energy company wanting to install smart meter but I admit it can become very annoying if you don't want a smart meter.
  • gustita (27/02/2020 18:18 pm)

    This call was from the company my energy company, Shell, is using to arrange a day and time for a smart meter to be installed.
  • gatuto1987 (23/02/2020 17:38 pm)

    still calling and leaving NO message !
  • (13/02/2020 07:19 am)

    today again !!!!! did not leave a message when requested to do so.
  • GARMTEEKRAILL (31/01/2020 00:21 am)

    they do tend to not leave a message but still company installing smart meters on behalf of energy companies, in our case Shell energy.
  • Nelson Ramos (21/12/2019 16:57 pm)

    Shell energy wanting to install smart meters.

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