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Possibly belongs to: BLOOD DONATION
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    National030 01 23 23 23

    International+34 030 01 23 23 23


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User Comments
  • adaliza (29/03/2020 00:02 am)

    They call me constantly some days
  • wil19son (18/03/2020 22:34 pm)

    Blood donation, you can opt out of all phone contact online or when you speak to them if unwanted.
  • HALA MADRID (19/02/2020 18:35 pm)

    Calling to donate blood.
  • desdructor (12/02/2020 10:21 am)

    Genuine caller but very annoying. They already spoke to me once and I told them I would make my own arrangements to donate again when convenient. Called this morning and I rejected the call as busy. They have called me 7 times today so far and left 3 voicemails. I appreciate it is important to get donors but this feels like harassment now!
  • chivo (01/02/2020 05:45 am)

    9 calls in one day. Getting to the point of harassment now.
    I work in the NHS and have told them that I will arrange my own appointments, so this out getting ridiculous now
  • 05191624H (01/02/2020 02:30 am)

    Didn't recognize number so answered call with a long drawn out high pitched scream type noise. I subsequently found out these are the blood people!!. Oops really sorry lol.
  • erikbru (10/01/2020 02:35 am)

    The NHS wasting tax payers money with aggressive marketing.
  • chum (08/01/2020 23:36 pm)

    Just the NHS Blood Donation service looking to book an appointment.
  • the rage (30/12/2019 15:26 pm)

    you will have signed up to donate blood, they would like you to donate again
  • clarita reynota (18/12/2019 03:36 am)

    Non stop phone calls, annoying.

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