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Possibly belongs to: MET. POLICE
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    National020 87 80 41 80

    International+34 020 87 80 41 80


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  • COMBA (31/03/2020 13:27 pm)

    This call was a follow-up call from the Met Police after I reported a theft via their 101 non-emergency number.

    They repeated to me details from my 101 call, so I have no doubt it was the police.

    I imagine its 'unknown' etc as it comes through their switchboard, I get the same when the wife rings me from work phone.
  • alan el grande (28/03/2020 15:05 pm)

    Police following up on a case I reported. I missed the call and got a text and email telling me to call 101. Called 101 and they knew my name and case details just from my mobile number. They needed more information from me on the case
  • yo soy el mejor (21/03/2020 14:04 pm)

    Very organised occult gang stalkers. They will even hack your phone so when you try to call the police, the call will go to a member of the gang pretending to be the police.
  • samuraiinuya (19/02/2020 18:02 pm)

    Definitely is police . My car was stolen and I was call by that number and they told me my car was found in Greenwich.
  • jennyxeduardo (18/02/2020 12:47 pm)

    The number 02087804180 and 02082460000 phoned me many times in the morning when I was still asleep. I tried to phone back when I was properly awake but it says the phone numbers are not recognized.
  • guayobalada (16/02/2020 07:54 am)

    met police follow up
  • hec (30/01/2020 07:50 am)

    I got a call on my mobile from this number, and the person calling asked me: "Is this CID?"

    Now, I don't believe that a police officer would have any reason to call a mobile and ask that question. Surely they would know the name of the person they're trying to reach.

    But the main reason I am suspecting some kind of fraud is that I have received the same call more than 5 times in the past year or so (from PRIVATE number). Each time, the person only asks "Is this CID?" The first time, I actually talked with the person, who didn't identify himself as a police officer, but instead gave me strange answers when I tried to find out what he wanted.

    Now I've received the same call from this number (02087804180).
  • LOOLALE (15/01/2020 18:30 pm)

    Received a phone call from this number claiming to be Police. Im not too sure who they are. They phoned my mobile number which I didnt pick.
    They then phoned my mothers number.

    They told my mother that I did somethingwhich I didnt. I have been very much frightened and scared since this phonecall as I have had weird things happening to me.

    I'm not sure who these people are.
  • anjhelow (29/12/2019 02:33 am)

    Got call on Saturday 14 April 2018 claiming I was in a accident. Never had a accident.
  • ariana grande (28/12/2019 03:38 am)

    Make a statement of theft of my staff.

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