Phone number: 02080770935

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Possibly belongs to: LISA WILLIAMS HMRC
  • Times searched for the number: 29
    Ratings received for the number: 29
    Average rating received: 0/10
    Comments the number has received: 9
  • Ways of dialing the number: 02080770935

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    National020 80 77 09 35

    International+34 020 80 77 09 35


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User Comments
  • ventolin (01/04/2020 03:54 am)

    Voicemail left on 15/11 threatening 'legal consequences' and ends 'have a blessed day' allegedly caller from HMRC. Obviously a scam.
  • ivanypaola (20/03/2020 23:46 pm)

    lisa has a new number just been asked to call back on 282 178308
  • m-angel (19/03/2020 14:58 pm)

    Automated message claiming serious legal action against us. No name. Urged to call back urgently as matter was time sensitive.
    Language threatening but no mention of HMRC.
  • le_paco (25/02/2020 08:30 am)

    As other calls received nasty phone call from Lisa Williams on automated voice saying we had to contact them or else
  • cousis (21/02/2020 22:50 pm)

    Horrible harassment call, scared my mother.
  • eqnltenga (13/02/2020 01:54 am)

    Machine msg saying there is a very serious lawsuit against me, that I must call back, last chance otherwise legal proceedings would commence. V. Frightened. Looked up number and found your site.
  • caro!!! (28/01/2020 18:07 pm)

    Voice-text message stating; 'this message is for you' Threatens serious legal consequences if you don't call back 'the second you receive this message'. Gives call back contact/number; Lisa Williams HMRC/1226697940(note- no initial zero). Finishes by wishing you a 'Blessed day'
  • ::[steph]:: (28/01/2020 12:42 pm)

    Called by Lisa Williams stating from HMRC stating a very serious law suit against "you". Yet nobody named
    Anyone know if this really is a scam has HMRC been notified
  • unonnapic (01/01/2020 07:41 am)

    Foreign caller, threatening HMRC call - haux
    0203 2877809

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