Phone number: 02038207749

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Possibly belongs to: DOMESTIC & GENERAL
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 02038207749

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    National020 38 20 77 49

    International+34 020 38 20 77 49


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  • aleleo94 (23/03/2020 10:03 am)

    This is a scam. D&G has confirmed this is not their phone number.
  • cojua (21/03/2020 16:37 pm)

    When this number called me, it came up as possible spam so I didn't answer it. I had a genuine call about an AO product that I ordered a few days ago where they tried to sell me insurance but I said no. I then get a spam call from possibly the same company but different number
  • Gato666 (15/03/2020 12:21 pm)

    Domestic and General, calling with regards to appliance insurance.
    If you have purchased an appliance from the likes of Currys, or Argos, and purchase "extended warranty", its relating to that
  • ska015 (14/02/2020 06:18 am)

    saturday lunchtime recorded message from amazon my prime will be charged at 79-99 if i wish to cancel press i REALLY!!!
  • kiqe (05/02/2020 02:49 am)

    called yesterday on mobile and is marked as scam get these calls every day a pest
  • cyntiia (02/02/2020 07:35 am)

    i bought a fridge from Appliance city, and now i receive these calls, its not hard to put 2 and 2 together
  • Pipitas2033 (31/01/2020 13:15 pm)

    I have just cancelled a policy with d&g.
    Called me to confirm my details??
    Me. you’ve already got them, but I have cancelled Right now i owe you nothing and you don’t need my details.
    Their response, brilliant!!!
    Scammer. We have just had new servers installed and they are not online yet, if we can’t sort the cancellation today you will be charged another month.
    Me. Yeah of course
  • (15/01/2020 04:58 am)

    called my phone and said nothing for 30 seconds the hung up ????
  • uuj (26/12/2019 08:30 am)

    Just had a new washing machine delivered then received a call from this number who wanted me to pay extra money for insurance. Then I chose to cut the call and contact the real D & G who assured me it was a rogue call!
  • ratita (17/12/2019 03:05 am)

    They are waste of money and time, do not insure your stuff with them, you want get anything

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