Phone number: 01914265602

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Possibly belongs to: EDF ENERGY
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    National019 14 26 56 02

    International+34 019 14 26 56 02


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  • otimus a.n.g.e.l. (28/03/2020 17:05 pm)

    It is a trustworthy number! it is a number of EDF ENERGY and they call you to take an appointment. It is about smart meter install. You can check it on EDF website!
  • kyra57 (20/03/2020 05:13 am)

    Spam -- pushing Smart Meter when I've already declined several times.
  • 3068638 (10/03/2020 13:21 pm)

    Pests. They don't give up. Blocked using ncid.
  • bethlehem (01/03/2020 08:06 am)

    they put phone down on me.
  • enninjado (28/02/2020 10:23 am)

    Pressuring to have smart meter installed, despite the fact that I've declined several times.
  • RaspinFlay (05/02/2020 02:40 am)

    EDF Energy trying to install smart meter - Sarah was very pushy and tried to persuade me that it would be better if I knew how much energy I was using - I do that by reporting monthly usage!
  • zasalamel (20/12/2019 10:53 am)

    Should be EDF Energy smart meter install appointments. In fact they also try to sell.

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