Phone number: 01912465061

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Possibly belongs to: LABOUR PARTY
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01912465061

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    National019 12 46 50 61

    International+34 019 12 46 50 61


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User Comments
  • kj (27/03/2020 22:17 pm)

    Labour party call asking for my help in the election... I'll do anything to stop Boris!
  • volante (09/03/2020 22:52 pm)

    Labour drumming up support for election. Perfectly fine with me.
  • jonniel (21/02/2020 16:39 pm)

    Repeat spam calling after you stop paying them to be a member
  • oscar andres (15/02/2020 14:11 pm)

    Left the Labour Party (Brexit) and now they spam calling at all hours. Thanks to that I will never again rejoin!
  • juan (02/02/2020 00:48 am)

    as there is an election they where checking a item with me
  • guerratrini (01/02/2020 13:09 pm)

    Labour party calling re cancelled membership.
  • lunasantafesina (26/01/2020 08:20 am)

    rang the number recorded message from the labour party
  • apofis (19/01/2020 10:36 am)

    For lapsed/cancelled memberships.
    No issues with the party doing this but I don't like this sort of call.
  • mac562500 (09/01/2020 20:47 pm)

    Labour Party asked if I really wanted to leave. Said they needed it in writing so would email and I responded to email. Seemed reasonable.
  • kamkamusa00 (01/01/2020 01:48 am)

    Reject the call and then block the number before answering for the first time. I cancelled my Labour Membership and now I am getting calls from this number to rejoin, sometimes at 9pm.

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