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    National018 44 39 86 09

    International+34 018 44 39 86 09


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  • SKORS (21/03/2020 04:33 am)

    Calling to offer EE discounts
  • louis (17/03/2020 10:47 am)

    They have tried calling me twice today and Im glad I never answered. Im assuming that for me it would have been EE trying to offer me contracts Im not interested in. Like someone before me said, if I wanted another contract I would contact them!!
  • Guillen (06/03/2020 15:31 pm)

    Have been calling me about 5 or 6 times a day for the past week. I never answer but this last time they left a voicemail. Some girl sounded like she was half way through a conversation... all I heard was "I'll give you a suck" a brief pause of shock then hung up. I had rejected the call sending it to voicemail so that's probably why.
  • Gladiatus (25/02/2020 15:39 pm)

    This is a company Called Interact. I had a call from this number yesterday as I was driving, they said they were from EE who I have my phone with and asked me for the usual security questions including 2 letters from my security password exactly as EE does, the girl then told me about several offers they had on phones and tablets which I said I didn't want as I'm reducing down my phone line after Christmas as I have a company phone. When I checked my account this morning on the EE app I've found that she has added another line with 20gb of data which will cost me £60.99 a month extra. I never asked for this and don't want it. When I called EE this morning they have told me that they are a company operating on their behalf like Carphone warehouse do selling phones and there is nothing they can do. Apparently I have an iPhone 6s on its way and the only way to stop this is to refuse the phone when it arrives on Monday. They are extremely convincing and say they are from EE and have your account details and obviously have access to the EE customer service telephone system. I have asked EE to raise a fraud case against them as this is obviously fraudulent selling and will be taking this further. To say I'm angry about this is an understatement. I'm not the type to fall for the usual stupid scams but this is not a usual scam, they are a company selling phones, signing people up to things they never ask for and don't want. Please please block this number 01844 398609 as you can't phone it back. I will be getting the contact details of the company and getting in touch directly and giving them a price of my mind. Please feel free to share this as much as you can.

    Update. The company is called Interact and this is a list of telephone numbers from EE that they have given me from their contact list for them. You can't phone any of them but block them all if you can.
    01844 398 612
    01844 398 611
    01844 398 610
    01844 398 609
    01844 398 604
  • Ftj (18/02/2020 23:06 pm)

    Hi all, just to let you know this number is from Inter-act CC. the call centre is based in Wigan and the head office is in Thames. Inter-act is a partner with EE and do outsourcing for them, a lot of people get worried about their calls since it just comes up as a random number or says suspected spam but they have multiple campaigns such as the Additional Lines campaign, Pay As You Go campaign, NOAH campaign and a Home Broadband specialist team. They have direct access to EE's systems and can see your password, address, full name and all details related to your phone and usage. When they ask for your full name or 2 characters of your password it's so they know who they are speaking to since it is the law to do so. They aren't a scam and are not going to ask for any bank details if an offer does sound good to you. :)
  • jeniespe (16/02/2020 14:43 pm)

    Interact is a 3rd party company (like carphone warehouse) for EE. However they do not have authority to add any lines to your account without permission. I've had a long telephone call with EE.This company can legally see you EE profile as they are third party. To stop this, request that your third party marketing preferences are turned off and block the number. If they do fraudulently add something to your account, without permission, EE can take them to court. Please please advise all relatives and friends.
  • SDA (09/02/2020 19:07 pm)

    did not answer, they left voicemeil with only call centre background noise.
  • tyraelcpc (06/02/2020 11:22 am)

    They verified my details, knew my name and every handset/plan I already had, and after a brief chat, concluded that I didnt need anything. I get these kind of calls 1-2 a year. They are a telesales company likely working with EE. There is a lot of negative comments, but this is the way the capitalist world you live in works. Accept you will get these calls, people trying to sell your something.
  • Mexudita (28/01/2020 05:29 am)

    I spoke to EE - this is not an EE number - have blocked it now as they've been calling incessantly
  • danielitha (30/12/2019 09:32 am)

    Called me twice today. Told at first that I am not interested in any of their offers. Then another sales call came through. Blocked! Can’t wait to be over with EE contract also. O2 was so much better.

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