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Possibly belongs to: UNITE THE UNION
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    National017 92 31 20 63

    International+34 017 92 31 20 63


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  • luis (18/03/2020 07:02 am)

    Nasty pieces of work. It is nasty people from Unite, that so-called trade union who are notorious in the (TV and radio) news for selling out clients to 3rd parties, colluding with employers of their own membership, and selling s**t like stannah stair lifts, private health insurance, Unite's own credit card, enhanced legal services for divorces, deaths of kids and other stuff nobody asked for. They hang up, when challenged for their surnames and call centre location.
  • ak47mns (11/03/2020 19:22 pm)

    I'm lost as to why I'm still receiving calls from Unite (Union) after having given them written and verbal instructions to deregister my membership. AND yet 2 years on they ignore my request. Really laugh-able.

    They're like a donkey in horse race when representing your dispute and interest. They Truly need to get their house in order.
  • blanca (07/03/2020 20:39 pm)

    Unite after your money, and happy to provide nothing in return.
  • cisterna (07/03/2020 00:26 am)

    Same as above. Unite couldn't answer my calls or emails when I was a member, so why would I want to talk to them 3 months after cancellation of membership.
  • prosapo (27/02/2020 20:21 pm)

    Unite the union swansea.
    Cancelled subscription to work related injury and they said cant get a claim, so agree with everyone just want ur money and make excuses for not allowed the grant to help, just made more excuses about not with them long enough.
  • fqejndlawb (14/02/2020 04:42 am)

    Calls are daily, asked them not to contact me again as Im no longer a member of unite the union. They keep calling, so i've just blocked them and phoned their main office number and logged a complaint.
  • kerlins baez rodrig (08/02/2020 21:46 pm)

    Got made redundant so cancelled my membership, literally get at least 3 to 4 calls daily.. so had to block the number. Didn’t do anythng for me when I was a member.. absolute rubbish service!.
  • luigi v.s mario (28/01/2020 05:18 am)

    call every week despite cancelling subscription and telling them i am no longer a member.
  • grayish (04/01/2020 15:20 pm)

    As like other people it's a daily call from them I have actually blocked their number and go through my 02 app to see that they have called it's 5 days a week every week with this crew why don't they get the message I'm not answering because I don't want to talk to you....simple as that!
    No use when I was fighting ex employer but again as mentioned as son as you cancel the DD they are hounding you this is bordering on stalking never mind harassment
  • nenitatx_Allen (22/12/2019 00:00 am)

    Called again today despite having rang them and asking them to remove my number from their system, promised it would be removed.

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