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    National017 02 74 67 46

    International+34 017 02 74 67 46


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  • sabri (07/03/2020 06:26 am)

    These idiots 'phone me several times every day, telling me about "A government incentive" and asking "Are you on benefits or tax credits?" "Is your boiler more than 5 years old?" etc, etc, to which I reply "NO, NO, and NO" EVERY TIME THEY CALL. They won't even believe me, when I tell them that my name IS NOT the name they have registered to my number. I've now registered for TPS, and have blocked several telephone numbers on my handset, and my provider has even got the facility to block and redirect international/number withheld/out of area 'phone calls, so at least now, I don't have to listen to the garbage they speak.
  • gordita (01/03/2020 22:33 pm)

    THEY will not stop calling me this is one of their numbers they have one in Glasgow as well , absolute pests and the press 9 to be removed from our list don't bloody work.
  • JELI (20/02/2020 11:08 am)

    automated bullshit :
    "Hello, we need to discuss with your current life insurance policy..."
  • nahum3 (15/02/2020 17:50 pm)

    Scam! - Have received many calls from this number over the past few weeks and rarely with the same name for the scam. They have claimed to be from 'Boilers for benefits', 'Citizens advice' and now 'Financial services advice'. I have made my feelings known to them in no uncertain terms but still they call back. I would block the number but whilst they are bothering me they are not scamming someone else (and in truth, I quite enjoy the sport of reeling them in!).
  • KILLER (07/02/2020 14:09 pm)

  • lily851 (11/01/2020 08:58 am)

    Terrible English, has rung numerous times over the last few weeks asking if I'm on benefits. I refuse to give out this information to cold-callers and I don't want a new boiler.
  • k-ty (31/12/2019 20:12 pm)

    This number has called a number of times over the past week. Don't know why, or where they got my number from. Haven't answered any of their calls.
  • jose2750 (17/12/2019 16:34 pm)

    Two missed calls, no message.

    Rang back, got "your call cannot be connected".

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