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Possibly belongs to: MAIDSTONE POLICE
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01622697250

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    National016 22 69 72 50

    International+34 016 22 69 72 50


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  • luisvel48 (31/03/2020 13:23 pm)

    This is Maidstone Police Station. Ignore people who say it's not.

    I went into the police station to report a motorist for smashing into my car and leaving the scene, spent an hour with a detective and that same detective called me using this number a few minutes ago.

    This is DEFINITELY Kent Police.
  • max power (23/03/2020 03:20 am)

    Wendy Anne Carrodus
  • LuiSs (22/03/2020 01:51 am)

    I bought a domain recently, and they were trying to sell me website design services... I've had about 50 emails in the last 4 days and several calls, all blocked or going to junk! Waste of time to harass by phone too and I clicked to not give my information out so I'm taking it up with the company I bought domains from.
  • pablantines (19/02/2020 02:12 am)

    legit number for maidstone police
  • Bembibre_f (13/02/2020 19:57 pm)

    Called at all hours, persistently, this is my 11 year olds phone who's number is never given out - so where do these scammers find such info if it was the real police they would leave a message like any respectable company. If the police want a survey it will be a bad review from me !
  • nicolas (06/02/2020 11:16 am)

    This number claimed to be maidstone police,which i thought was odd as it does not matter where abouts in Kent the police are calling from, they always identify themselfs as Kent police then say what staion they are from,i phoned Kent police and they claimed its a Hoax number.
  • superblue29pop (27/01/2020 12:21 pm)

    Keeps calling and says from Maidstone Police HQ and wants to do a survey - pretty sure its a hoax/spam call
  • simpson4 (27/12/2019 10:34 am)

    I answered a call from this number and can confirm it is Medway Police. I spoke to a PC who had a complaint made against me.
  • eslyn (21/12/2019 01:51 am)

    Called at 01.03am number said Kent.. I live in Scotland and have never been in Kent in my life. Rejected without answering, apparantly its Kent Police but tthey say NOT.

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