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Possibly belongs to: MOORCROFT
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01619687065

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    National016 19 68 70 65

    International+34 016 19 68 70 65


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  • michelle!!!star (31/03/2020 17:10 pm)

    Virgin Media Attack Dogs for a debt my wife does not owe, the have been lettered that the debt does not exist, but phoned anyway, under Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the Administration of Justice Act 1970
    S.40, which makes it a Criminal Offense for a creditor or a creditor's agent to make demands (for
    money), which are aimed at causing 'alarm, distress or humiliation', because of their frequency
    or manner.
    A complaint has been set to the relevant authorities and the police.
  • vegeta (19/03/2020 07:54 am)

    Intimidating and rude, not knowledgeable and bullying.
  • DaBbleR (11/03/2020 14:43 pm)

    0161 968 7065 id moorecroft debt collections
  • EL-LOBO (16/02/2020 04:21 am)

    Leicester Call Centre Kamran Qayyum Fraudster claiming to be Microsoft wanting my Laptop passwords to update and pay for Windows.
    It's a scam!!!
    I have a Mac.
    How did he get my number??
    Leicester Kamran Qayyum FRAUD
  • tilowolff (08/02/2020 05:20 am)

    Moorcroft looking for Aaron Banks.. He is not here, He has never been here and quite frankley this is an utter farce. I bet it's the damn remainers and the establishment trying to discredit me and the Brexit party with false allegations. This is a total stitch up and fake news!! I say let's back on with it, and leave the God for saken European Union goodbye!!
  • original2012 (06/02/2020 11:15 am)

    They keep calling but cannot provide physical proof of any debt contract, its annoying because i need to get on with Brexit
  • maria (30/01/2020 17:04 pm)

    Constant calls from them asking for someone else i said i wasnt that person and they told me to get the person to call them and they still keep calling. Just another shark company making money off peoples bad situations by the looks of it, contract law at its finest..
  • hadilla (14/01/2020 20:21 pm)

    These scum bags are working directly for satan. There is a very special place awaiting this vile evil scum filth, when they pop off this plane.
  • Kike Daniel (09/01/2020 13:26 pm)

    Covid19 Fraud Kamran Qayyum Leicester
  • rw2avmou (06/01/2020 16:50 pm)

    Call at least five times a week asking for either George or Avril Watson and despite explaining in words of one syllable that they do not live here they continue to phone

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