Phone number: 01619337240

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Possibly belongs to: TSB
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01619337240

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    National016 19 33 72 40

    International+34 016 19 33 72 40


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  • bart (02/04/2020 03:14 am)

    Called twice in 2 days. Asian sounding woman claiming to be from TSB. I ended call immediately. I called TSB who confirmed they have not been trying to contact me. Seems like a phishing scam.
  • diezbetuar (20/03/2020 10:18 am)

    Tsb card collections-harrassing for payments for months when ombudsman has put a block on tsb contacting me.
    Tsb has since sorted bill issue and closed action but still card services ring,harrassing for payments. ????
  • ALFA (04/03/2020 14:18 pm)

    Claimed to be from TSB and asked me to confirm DoB and Post Code for security. I declined and ended the call. Have had subsequent calls but have added to my block list. Contacted TSB who confirmed they had no reason to call me and that this was not a legitimate call.
  • bonosamuel (18/02/2020 22:10 pm)

    TSB departments don't appear to talk to each other. I've closed one account, they didn't tell their collections department, who would then call at random times, in the manner that a scam caller would.
    Honestly, banks tell you not to speak to callers asking straight away for your personal details, but then they go & do just that, in a call that appears to be coming from another country.

    In future, TSB, inform your collections team that someone has closed their account so you don't have to harass people with what appear to be, scam calls, especially when it's over PENCE.
  • tati1 (20/01/2020 23:41 pm)

    Called twice in 2 days. Asian sounding woman called claiming to be from TSB. I ended call immediately. I checked with TSB who confirmed they have not been calling me. Seems like a phishing scam.
  • parca (16/01/2020 18:47 pm)

    calls twice a day so barred number if bank wants to talk to you they will send letter
  • marlia70 (02/01/2020 02:16 am)

    Constand harrasment for someone who moved out years ago and stil has a good account with them
  • Stevenhfp (26/12/2019 12:03 pm)

    Apparently from TSB asking for someone who I have never heard of. Asked them to remove the number from the system and they started asking for my personal information. When I refused to give it to them they said they will just keep calling so I blocked the number. Neither myself or my partner are with TSB which made it even more suspicious!
  • lorfe (21/12/2019 19:28 pm)

    Constat harassment from this number. Have informed several times they need to speak directly with the debt management company yet I receive about 3-5 calls DAILY!!!

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