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    National016 18 56 63 00

    International+34 016 18 56 63 00


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  • rikardo156 (01/04/2020 05:10 am)

    Was my local police station. Voice mail left with contactable number
  • nini16 (21/03/2020 11:14 am)

    This is the general number for GMP. The number will show up regardless of which police department is ringing. To return the call you need the direct number for the officer as the number that shows does not receive incoming calls.
  • chechu (19/03/2020 04:16 am)

    Gmp responding to a complaint
  • oaoxzxgns (23/02/2020 14:04 pm)

    Today I noticed that it's not always the Greater Manchester Police calling the number 01618566300! Although the call appears to come from the police, it's just because the scammers managed to trick the system and make the call to appear to come from that number. But are in fact dialling from 02037693336. This number, as you can see by a quick search online, is from proper scammers trying to get your money. I noticed it by checking the message left on the answer machine, and that system is not tricked by the scammers and is able to display the real number. So don't trust this caller if you're not expecting a call from the police!
  • rafaelito (06/02/2020 10:48 am)

    Greater Manchester Police - Altrincham Station
  • yamii batrezz (16/01/2020 22:26 pm)

    Police called me regarding an incident
  • yetroeprkl (04/01/2020 06:10 am)

    The comments on here suggest any calls to 101 are tapped. I phoned 101 to report something and I wasn't asked for my phone number (it probably shows on their system at the time). 20 minutes later I had a call from this number which rang out twice then stopped.
  • carlos39 (27/12/2019 15:08 pm)

    Rang once before I could pick it up.
    GMP = useless
  • girlexplosion (20/12/2019 20:09 pm)

    Have had two phone calls today(05/01/17),each time i answered there was no reply!!!,tried ringing back,but it comes up "this number doe not accept incoming calls!!!"
  • 1greatkid (17/12/2019 10:18 am)

    has to be said letting the phone ring around three times then hanging up is more like a prank call. I rarely answer a phone call within 3 rings.

    no message left, I only confirmed as a police number when I couldn't call them back and found this online.

    101 dialled as its about an incident I reportedyesterday.

    the operator asked what it was about, then after I explained said I interrupted them, I then was asked another question and I answered being accused of interrupting again.

    I was always taught if an police officer asks you a direct question you answer it.

    cant work it, I know they are stretched, but really!

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