Phone number: 01618149124

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Possibly belongs to: CONSUMER JUSTICE GROUP
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    National016 18 14 91 24

    International+34 016 18 14 91 24


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User Comments
  • maybe (29/03/2020 03:36 am)

    PPI profiteers - scum!
  • pelucas (13/03/2020 00:51 am)

    Calling from 0161 826 6802
    Very annoying. I just hang up. They keep calling. They don't care about uk laws.
  • cristh14 (03/03/2020 12:39 pm)

    Cold call from Manchester number - never interested in this type of call.
  • Randallowski (27/02/2020 20:46 pm)

    Claimed to be from the
    Consumer justice group - PPI call
    Polite and left the call when I said it was not relevant to me
    (FYI: Consumer justice group exists as a US organisation , but not a UK one but should not be cold calling anyway)
  • yurita (02/01/2020 11:23 am)

    Called asking for my wife by her old married name on my works mobile. Claimed to be representing the Consumer Justice Group and would get us back unclaimed PPI.

    Sent him packing with a flea in his ear. Told him to remove our details off the out of date database they were using and that this call would be reported to the TPS and ICO as a cold call.
  • EA09 (26/12/2019 17:59 pm)

    Selling shares in global reclaims or something. Wanted my bank details for instant wins. Scam!
  • alejo_corrientes (21/12/2019 01:45 am)

    I have just a call from Consumer Justice Group on 0161-0825460. They have either got a new number or perhaps they have multiple numbers.
  • ttsbradtiffany (18/12/2019 03:19 am)

    ppi call
  • shadow_knight (16/12/2019 18:33 pm)

    P.P.I. call When I told them the number they were calling was registered with T.P.S. & they were breaking the law they didn't seem in the least concerned. I asked where they had obtained my number from; the reply was "automated dialling". Told them I would be lodging formal complaint with I.C.O. again they didn't seem concerned.

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