Phone number: 01614238000

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Possibly belongs to: RAC
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01614238000

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National016 14 23 80 00

    International+34 016 14 23 80 00


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User Comments
  • hsyyvqs (02/04/2020 16:31 pm)

    After an accident, they sorted everything out, recovered my car, sorted out a taxi to Europcar, which they booked for me to get home.they kept me informed of progress. Really helped us out.
  • ARMANDINI (26/03/2020 20:04 pm)

    Called me to update me on the status of the recovery vehicle coming to my breakdown. Genuine RAC number.
  • pepes (26/03/2020 12:29 pm)

    Called when I had accident to arrange recovery of my vehicle
  • NANCY (14/02/2020 15:19 pm)

    We had broken down and I don't answer unknown numbers but glad to say this is a confirmed number from the RAC updating us on our recovery.
  • ferrari46 (12/02/2020 13:11 pm)

    This number is a car recovery team.. RAC. I had a accident and called my car insurance and they forwarded my vehicle details to 01614238000. They called and asked if I had been recovered...

    Genuine number...
  • Exortirty (15/01/2020 23:43 pm)

    RAC - outbound communications line only. Doesn't accept incoming calls
  • jamonyque (13/01/2020 13:31 pm)

    This is a genuine RAC breakdown service number. They rang to confirm that they were on their way.
  • zurdo rc el capo (13/01/2020 01:53 am)

    I've never once had an account with the RAC but I'm persistently left voicemails reference an imaginary outstanding balance on my account. Very annoying.
  • daescargautomatica (29/12/2019 07:14 am)

    Called a couple of times after I had a car accident. Didn't answer. I am NOT a member of rac and suspect it is some sort of 'sales'/nuisance call following me speaking to my own insurance company regarding my vehicle collision. Pretty sneaky to be honest
  • lenni (28/12/2019 12:31 pm)

    Called 5 times within an hour. Never had an RAC account (I've never owned a car!) I asked the first time to be taken off their records as I didn't give permission to use my details but then got a further 4 calls throughout the day. Number now blocked.

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