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Possibly belongs to: NISSAN
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    National014 94 59 07 77

    International+34 014 94 59 07 77


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  • ry8i9 (07/03/2020 03:33 am)

    If your car has been serviced by Synter Audi (Reading) expect a follow up call a couple of weeks after service from this number. Half a dozen questions on how you rated the service - friendliness, cost as expected, satisfaction with work etc. Nothing untowards. No aggressive phishing for personal data.
  • papichis2009 (05/03/2020 18:27 pm)

    Michael from HSBC rang saying he was conducting research for the bank. He then wanted to confirm who I was and started asking really prying questions to get confidential info. Obviously this is a phishing scam, so beware.
  • reston (04/03/2020 18:18 pm)

    this number called today in regards to Marriage research centre ... tried to call it back and only got a voice message
  • joge (24/02/2020 18:48 pm)

    bought a volks a couple of weeks ago... caller wants some details on the sale routine and the dealer etc pp ...
  • Mifer (23/01/2020 11:11 am)

    As per another person's comment, it is a Market Research company -
    If you bought a new car (VW or Audi for example) or had a car serviced, you may get a call. The company also undertake to carry out research in another markets it seems.
  • pudii (21/01/2020 04:29 am)

    Pleasant young lady just asking about any contact with my relationship manager at my bank HSBC - never met him so it was a short call :)Not pushy or phishing.
  • matutex (10/01/2020 16:59 pm)

    They said it was a survey about the service I got on a Nissan mechanical office. Strange... I'm in Portugal!!!
  • lukimaster (29/12/2019 07:51 am)

    Keeps calling me every day.
    Why won't they give up? I havn't answered a single time for 3 months.
    I never answer any calls from an international number. If they really wants to talk to me they can leave a message.
  • lotorr (20/12/2019 12:46 pm)

    got two missed calls(24-25/09)at my greek mobile so really curious what they wanted.
    any info is welcome
  • brandon (19/12/2019 03:59 am)

    This was Chrysler UK phoning to ask feedback on my recent visit to the dealer. Said it would take about 5 minutes and it did. Very polite asked a few questions about my visit, some scale of 1-10 some yes/no answers. Happy to answer these. Nothing personal asked and didn't try to sell me anything just asking about satisfaction levels of the dealership.

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