Phone number: 01412488234

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Possibly belongs to: OPTICAL EXPRESS
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01412488234

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National014 12 48 82 34

    International+34 014 12 48 82 34


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  • maru30 (13/03/2020 02:52 am)

    mildly aggressive telesales following a laser correction advert I answered to receive a quote. I needed to make an appointment I said I'd call in to my local store but he wouldn't let go!
  • luzhoo! (27/02/2020 18:31 pm)

    constant calling even after ive said no, they continue to badger me
  • pegostina (17/02/2020 19:15 pm)

    called three times in 25 mins notleaving a voicemail. Tend to agree with others that this is a likely sign of an agressive, sales commision driven call centre who will never give up if you answer them
  • emikpo (16/01/2020 05:48 am)

    I filled out a form on line regarding laser eye surgery, since then they call but not long enough to answer or dont leave a msg. puts me off them.
  • wandel (05/01/2020 02:59 am)

    Optical Express - they called as I had made an inquiry online about laser eye surgery but they rang 10 times over the space of a few days, didn't leave a message or text/email to say who they were. It really has put me off using them as I can imagine they will harass me if I do go for a consultation.
  • denzel (26/12/2019 19:53 pm)

    call centre personnel use this number
  • giganator (21/12/2019 20:06 pm)

    Optical express CallCenter
  • lotorr (19/12/2019 17:40 pm)

    Voicemail left of a bot saying, "Sorry, the system is experiencing difficulties. please try again later." LOL

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