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    National013 32 80 50 01

    International+34 013 32 80 50 01


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  • Alejandro Alas (27/03/2020 20:16 pm)

    01332 805001 - After weeks of harassment from this number I called them back and asked who they were. My service provider advised me previously, that unless they know who they are, they can't do anything about it. The lady 'Bhavisa told me they are the 'MORTGAGE ADVICE SERVICE, HOME FINANCE'. So, if you're experiencing nuisance calls you can advise your service provider who they are, and they can then deal with them. Together we can stop them!
  • hi5 (20/03/2020 09:09 am)

    dont waste your time
  • maryabubu (19/03/2020 08:24 am)

    please check your phone bills, i have been charged £0.25 every time I receive calls from this number. I have reported to my service provider. block this number.
  • livi (05/03/2020 05:10 am)

    Reported to ofcom and trading standards. 10 calls in two days. “Mortgage Advice Service”. Tried to tell me that I need to get a new mortgage right now or I would end up in £10,000+ worth of debt due to my current mortgage.

    However I rent my home - I have never had a mortgage, have never even enquires about one, and no intention to get one. So either someone stole my ID to take out a mortgage... or, more likely, this number is trying to scare people into remortgaging their homes. Seems more likely the latter as was trying to scare and pressure me to take out a mortgage and give my bank details right there on the call without any time to think or research.
  • fantito (23/02/2020 02:34 am)

    3 calls everyday even at weekends, even though I've told them I'm not interested and to remove me from their db. What does I've paid my mortgage off mean to them.
  • hugoponceb (28/01/2020 15:03 pm)

    Repeated calls. No speech on answer.
  • chilo22 (20/01/2020 15:21 pm)

    Nuisance call. Claiming to call about my mortgage.
  • GRITO GOLPEO LE PEG (10/01/2020 23:09 pm)

    This number calls me 3 times a day. Even after 7pm. I reported them to Ofcom. I just phoned them back to order them to stop. Told them I've reported them to ofcom. The guy just said thank you for calling mortgage advice services. If they ring again I'll be reporting them to police for harrassment
  • RE-MASTER (22/12/2019 02:21 am)

    Annoying nearly every day

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