Phone number: 01316205765

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Possibly belongs to: SCOTTISH POWER
  • Times searched for the number: 30
    Ratings received for the number: 10
    Average rating received: 4/10
    Comments the number has received: 3
  • Ways of dialing the number: 01316205765

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National013 16 20 57 65

    International+34 013 16 20 57 65


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User Comments
  • kyron59 (22/02/2020 11:55 am)

    energy provider, I've answered after 20 calls, now in my black list!
  • Aeka (06/01/2020 15:41 pm)

    Called me 3 times yesterday. When I wanted to answer, there was nobody on the other end. Only the last time they answered, it's Scottish power, they wanted to cheer me on a new contract. Said they should never call me again
  • kati359 (23/12/2019 07:49 am)

    Keep calling me. I only know who it is from Googling but no idea how they got my number and I wish they would stop

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