Phone number: 01315614532

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Possibly belongs to: IPSOS MORI
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01315614532

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    National013 15 61 45 32

    International+34 013 15 61 45 32


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  • gabyavila (10/03/2020 06:42 am)

    Believe me mate it's in YOUR interest NOT to call ME
  • jilguerillo (09/03/2020 02:52 am)

    I received a call from this number this morning which I listened to the whole of the outgoing message and then the caller hung up. Having a Panasonic phone I called it Pest and barred it. 6 hours later they phoned again to pay to listen to the engaged tone and without disturbing me further. I have read most of the submissions made to this site and I am grateful for your research and contributions. I believe that until we make them pay for every call they make and give them no answer they will not stop. I set the number of rings to two and this allows my phone with talking caller id to tell me all I need to know without me doing anything. My caller list of the last 50 numbers called used only cover the previous 12 days until I did this. I it now covers more than 40 days and it is increasing.
  • jose (25/02/2020 11:51 am)

    Call to my landline at 5:02pm on Sunday 15 March 2020. Unable to answer. Caller hung up during my outgoing message.
  • ortorobles (18/02/2020 23:51 pm)

    I received a call from this number and the polite Scots woman said she was calling from Ipsos Mori. I asked her where she got my phone number from and she said it wasn't from a databank but my number was generated at random by a computer. I told her that I was unwilling to answer any questions or give info about myself as I think Polls are often used in a slanted way to back up the views of the client paying for the survey, Polls have also been known to be widely inaccurate I believe in part because people are fed up of being cold called and will sometimes play along and give untrue answers as a deliberate ploy to get back at having their evening interrupted by silly phone calls. Answering the question for a phone survey will make it more likely that I will be labelled a willing subject and end up getting more calls or my number sold on to other companies. STOP COLD CALLING !
  • yaneth (17/01/2020 22:39 pm)

    calling to bother students to do the NSS survey. WHICH WE SHOULDN'T because it'll only contribute to the marketisation of education.
  • torox (15/01/2020 00:15 am)

    mori poll, nothing as bad as the comments left on here
  • MIGGYJPGA (05/01/2020 23:21 pm)

    Phoned unsolicited at 8.48pm on April 10.
  • cuna (31/12/2019 09:28 am)

    They are conducting a survey for post graduate university courses, and all university's are obligated to give all their students details to this company. It should be made illegal, but only the government can stop it, as they gave it the authority to get the details and harasse students. I'm at the OU, and have received emails, text messages and now phone calls.
  • vivina (19/12/2019 20:43 pm)

    Says calling on behalf of a bank. So why doesn't the bank make the call itself? Dodgy.
  • naronekiel (17/12/2019 09:56 am)

    Not sure why they're phoning me. Blocked.

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