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    National012 73 67 31 00

    International+34 012 73 67 31 00


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  • growdon (15/03/2020 18:21 pm)

    Two calls now, both on behalf of the Blue Cross animal centre. Usual long winded guff about what a great person I was for previous support. If it weren't so nauseating they might do better. Claimed to be local (Cambridge), so not very honest generally.
  • pppaaabbblllooo (14/03/2020 14:31 pm)

    rspca fundraising
  • rikardobecerra (28/02/2020 09:21 am)

    I've had a number of calls from this number, my dad answered the phone and asked who was calling. They claimed to be from Age International, and wanted to thank me for my support. Having never donated to this charity, I was suspicious about whether it is genuine or not. Have asked Age International as to whether they are part of this.
  • nith_svb (14/02/2020 11:34 am)

    This company are based in Brighton and are trying to get you to make charitable donations to various charities.... As I already donate to a charity of my choice I do not wish to be bothered by these types of calls. I'm also signed up with TPS so shouldn't get them anyway... I found their direct number which is 01273 698697 and asked them to remove both my numbers from their database... Lets see what happens...
  • brxn (07/02/2020 19:56 pm)

    Rang me - unsolicited. I didn't pick up because I didn't know the number. They left no message. I'm on TPS too.
  • geraissy (06/02/2020 04:54 am)

    they said they were from MENCAP and thanked me for supporting their charity work, when i never have! the spiel was 2 mins before asking to to sign up for a DD.

    when asked as to how they obtained my details, they said i was on a list!! odd that, as i have never donated in such a way ever!
  • yessica12 (05/02/2020 05:11 am)

    Cats protection. Just called now!
  • ALLURE (30/01/2020 16:31 pm)

    Lady with very soft and friendly tone of voice has tried to set up with me a direct debit for £12 a month. It should be for a new project in South Kenya to secure clean source of water. Project should take 2 years. I agreed to contribute if she can kindly send me an email or if I can see it on CAFOD website (supposedly she got my contact from them). It was not something she could do. I understood it's not genuine and you do not really know who you pay the money at the end, i can be anybody who rents a phone line and employs few talented jobless graduates. Better not to get involved.
  • jose030592 (25/01/2020 19:36 pm)

    Constant!! Daily calls no/one on the other end, no voicemails...always mange to catch me feeding my child or at work etc- pain in the arse. Blocked it.
  • urielnose (12/01/2020 04:02 am)

    Rang me - unsolicited. I didn't pick up because I didn't know the number. They left no message. I'm on TPS too.

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