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Possibly belongs to: WOULDNT GIVE
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01234919024

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National012 34 91 90 24

    International+34 012 34 91 90 24


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  • eScOrPiO (02/04/2020 19:32 pm)

    Rang my mobime, I answered said he was Allan and knew who I was by name, whenI asked what he wanted he got nasty and told me to hang up the phone as that's what he wanted. So I did and blocked the number...
  • alex (23/03/2020 21:33 pm)

    This number constantly calls my phone but will not speak to my Call Guardian, so I just see their number on the call list. Sounds as if it could be another Indian Scam
  • elcark (15/02/2020 14:36 pm)

    Have been ringing several times a day over the last two weeks. Whenever I picked up there was either silence or some recording.
  • jonathan (14/01/2020 16:10 pm)

    rings but doesn't leave a message so can't be important and is probably cold calling
  • guazu69 (13/01/2020 15:23 pm)

    They rang me too on two occasions, saying they are from a company "Steven something ", which I really didn't get. They wanted to updated my details as they already had my address! I asked what exactly is your company doing as I didn't remember registering with you. They didn't say, just repeated that they wanted to update my details.
  • truquero8325 (05/01/2020 07:56 am)

    nuisance call, refused to tell me the name of the business and when I told them I was registered on TPS they hung up - ambulance chasers trying to get you to make claims for car accidents
  • patty (20/12/2019 01:43 am)

    Scammers plain and simple just hang up and block the number

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