Phone number: 01202356636

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Possibly belongs to: VITALITY HEALTH
  • Times searched for the number: 81
    Ratings received for the number: 10
    Average rating received: 3/10
    Comments the number has received: 9
  • Ways of dialing the number: 01202356636

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National012 02 35 66 36

    International+34 012 02 35 66 36


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User Comments
  • Kiimmy (19/03/2020 07:04 am)

    I did a quote online and in my contact preferences did not allow phone. they keep calling
  • sdsdss (18/03/2020 18:39 pm)

    they have called everyday for the last few weeks. They are doing my head in!!!
  • tack (06/03/2020 15:33 pm)

    Very rude caller claiming they have to called me 18 times previous. when I stated I do not want to hear back from them I continued to get calls.
  • deybby (27/02/2020 19:38 pm)

    3 a day, most days. A month ago wanted a quote but declined to take it up...have asked for them to stop but the calls keep coming.
  • cerapio_29 (22/02/2020 01:19 am)

    Constantly hassling after I applied for a quote
  • luisarroyos (24/01/2020 00:48 am)

    I applied for a PMI quote for Vitality and now wish I hadn't. 3 Calls from various 01202 numbers.

    My blocked list is now getting longer as a result.
  • pirata4321 (16/01/2020 18:08 pm)

    Keep calling our shop. Sound dodgey and keep asking for my wife. We have never heard of them
  • sanjuan (31/12/2019 06:46 am)

    Vitality insurance. Have been called using several different Bournemouth area code numbers. Started calling after I got a quote online, been receiving 4/5 calls a day since then. Numbers are blocked but by the next day they are calling from a different number. Call times range from 9am and the latest so far has been 8.30pm. Constantly being left voicemails after every call. Even if I had been planning to use them, I definitely wont be now.
  • gerasui (15/12/2019 23:18 pm)

    applied for a quote online, 5 calls on day of quote as late as 10pm. have blocked 3 numbers now. still calling.

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