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    National011 59 33 80 00

    International+34 011 59 33 80 00


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  • jquever (02/04/2020 12:35 pm)

    Not sure who this was. Same thing. "This is a free message. Press 1 to hear it, or 9 to reject it". I hung up. It's absurd to expect people with more than one brain cell in today's world of scam callers to know that it's legitimate.

    While typing this it rang back. It was Specsavers.

    Esendex...change your message, it's bad customer service.
  • lucas.d (29/03/2020 02:45 am)

    Don't trust this number...or many of the comments on this thread (probably written by members of the scamming community). I live in Australia and will not press 1 or 9 to continue the call. Have blocked the number on my iPhone.
  • 22853357 (25/03/2020 00:50 am)

    Read through comments. This is clearly a sham with people saying its legitimate. How can it be if it's from Tesco, Pizza delivery, petrol etc. They have just set up a range of legitimate sounding responses. Now blocked.
  • rafael99 (14/03/2020 02:00 am)

    Just received a call from this number, I pressed 1 to listen to message, it was specsavers to remind me about my appointment.
  • asde (08/03/2020 05:00 am)

    I have read the comments about this number and I too have had calls from 01159338000. Rather than bury my head in the sand and I did press 1 to accept the message. It was a message from the Vets to remind/inform me that my dog is due its yearly injection and to contact them to arrange an appointment. This is correct information. As to the pros and cons of using this system I pass no comment. But I think that it is called use of computer automated technology
  • cris-0611 (08/02/2020 15:15 pm)

    Placed an order online through AsdaTyres for 4 tyres, picked my local fitting station then printed off the order. Few minutes later the phone rang with this number and I ignored it, answered a subsequent call and it was an automated call from Asda confirming my order and its status.
  • la ur (27/01/2020 20:51 pm)

    I have no idea whether this company makes unwarranted calls or not, BUT, in *my" case, at least, the call (in a French feminine robot voice, Free call, press 1 or 9, etc) was justified and *not* a scam.
    It was quite anonymous, recalled once till I acknowledged it and did *not* say who's company was calling, or for what reason.

    I am French, and I live in France.
    I DID owe about 100 EUR to the French Government for parking wrongly my car, and forgot to pay it. It then send the process to a private debt recovery company called Intrum Justicia or SCP Krief Jacky-Beddouk Pierre, Huissiers de justice Associés, who first sent me a letter, 15 days ago, then, upon my lack of reaction, apparently subcontracted the "last call before tough action" to this autocall UK company. The message said (in French) "Last call before Accounts freezing, file reference ###" (rough translation), which indeed was the ref of my case, when I carefully looked at the letter.
    However, the message was so short and uninformative, and coming from the UK, plus no identity of reason or caller, that I instantly thought it was a scam. A good thing that I went further and investigated the case in detail.
    I did pay immediately, because I realized it was not a scam, I did owe the money, and the debt recovery companies can use police to break into you flat and take whatever they wish (something one is better off avoiding).

    I hope this message was not too long, and will be useful to further readers.
    Best wishes from France !
  • jajajasolosmios (15/01/2020 16:26 pm)

    The most appalling experience with a spammmer / scammer.
    Robocall message which was COMPETELY UNINTELLIGABLE except for instruction to press 1 or press 2. Every 2 hours day and night. No sleep. I have no idea what I agreed to by pressing the number but I'm sure I will find out.
  • natalymican (03/01/2020 07:56 am)

    There isnt a rating for "WASTE OF TIME" or I would choose it.

    A call came in from this number while I was too busy to answer it,they didnt leave a message so I assumed it was PPI or similar.

    My shopping order didnt turn up so I called ASDA to ask why and why no call to explain. It turns out they DO use an automated service to make contact and if they do not make contact your order is cancelled without any further notice.

    I'm about to take three kids to a birthday party the temptation to let them get hyper on cake and E-numbers so they can run it off in Asda is strong indeed.

    This service is simply annoying and completely useless, it does not provide any level customer engagement.

    You have mobile numbers and email addresses, if only there was a better way they could be used.
  • shaoran324 (30/12/2019 20:13 pm)

    Instead of posting the same thing over and over again, Esendex should take note of the complaints and change their message format to at least some more trustworthy

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