Phone number: 01158241389

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Possibly belongs to: ONE TO ONE UTILITIES
  • Times searched for the number: 40
    Ratings received for the number: 10
    Average rating received: 3/10
    Comments the number has received: 2
  • Ways of dialing the number: 01158241389

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National011 58 24 13 89

    International+34 011 58 24 13 89


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User Comments
  • seruj (13/02/2020 20:05 pm)

    One to one utilities, I have asked for my number to be removed but keep getting calls from them pressuring me to change suppliers. I block the numbers so next time the number they call from is slightly different
  • duban (26/01/2020 08:57 am)

    Unsolicited call, from a call centre claiming to be on behalf of Scottish power. Calls at all times and is very annoying.

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