Phone number: 01143650098

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Possibly belongs to: MOTOR INVESTIGATIONS
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    National011 43 65 00 98

    International+34 011 43 65 00 98


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  • esteban anibal (28/01/2020 06:36 am)

    Ridiculously fraudulent attempt at motor accident claim, of the 'we are calling about your recent accident' type.

    Said that they were calling about 'Section 4' of the law, when asked 'Which law?' they mumbled about the 'uninsured losses' law!

    Refused to answer any direct questions about the alleged date of the supposed accident, refused to take my number off their database, extremely rude when challenged.
  • (23/01/2020 09:15 am)

    Have had about 3 calls from this number in the past week - today I answered. It was about a motor accident (as usual) - and when I said I said I hadn't had one, the caller said it could have been another type of motor accident. I said it wasn't for me, and asked twice to be taken off their list. Was told that they would "update their records".

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