Phone number: 01143034256

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Possibly belongs to: UTILITA ENERGY
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    Ratings received for the number: 35
    Average rating received: 5/10
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01143034256

    Format typeComposition of the number

    National011 43 03 42 56

    International+34 011 43 03 42 56


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User Comments
  • janer (01/04/2020 10:14 am)

    Keep ringing me daily, the last time I spoke to someone I told them I was not interested and she became very aggressive. I informed her you have cold called me and I don't appreciate your tone, she then hung up on me!!
  • misteraro (26/03/2020 19:00 pm)

    Call from Utilita trying to get me to change to engery meter even though I don't own a house. Calls me 3 - 4 times a day, calls are coming from sheflied. Keeps leaving voicemails. I've blocked the number but they keep calling. I wish they would stop!!!
  • daniel.1803 (25/03/2020 03:08 am)

    keep bugging me every day
  • williamjunior (14/03/2020 07:06 am)

    Cold-calling about electric meter. I don't even own a flat or house. I don't know how they got my telephone number..!
  • jeronimayo (27/02/2020 05:13 am)

    no stop harassment - calling 2,3,4 times a day, everyday for weeks
  • chingleta (30/01/2020 17:29 pm)

    They have been calling me every day leaving an automatic voice mail for two months
  • ietro (26/01/2020 18:32 pm)

    Constantly phoning at least 3 times a day, im fed up if having to check voicemails every 2 hours!!!!
  • jesus_guitar (14/01/2020 14:41 pm)

    Blocked number but still leaving a daily voicemail - really irritating and want it to stop !
  • enano 26 (18/12/2019 14:29 pm)

    Trying to tell me about an upgrade to my smart meter even though I am not with and certainly never will be with this company. This is the third call.

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