Phone number: 01132069999

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Possibly belongs to: LEEDS GENERAL INFIRMARY
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  • Ways of dialing the number: 01132069999

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    National011 32 06 99 99

    International+34 011 32 06 99 99


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  • francisco v (06/02/2020 23:49 pm)

    Called by my comsultant.
  • jso (27/01/2020 03:55 am)

    Rang ans m/c; did not leave msg. Above comment most helpful as I am, indeed, wtg for an appointment.
  • fantasma3000 (26/01/2020 03:13 am)

    This number is for outbound calls from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Booking Referral Centre. This number does not receive incoming calls and if you are waiting for an appointment you need to ring your GP or Dept you were referred to. It is for urgent appointments that have been sent via Two Week Referral for urgent appointment within 14 days. Suspected Skin Cancer/Dermatology Dept.
  • eddinzon (16/12/2019 02:42 am)

    About appointments

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